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Welcome To Nucoro


From day one, when we started building financial technology, we wanted to solve historic problems in wealth management with truly modern solutions.

The shared vision we began with never changed from that day. It still hasn’t. 

We want to help build a world where everyone has access to the right financial tools and services that help them achieve their goals. 

That’s why we’re launching Nucoro

This is the next step in our journey to build cutting-edge technology that empowers businesses to create better financial products for more people. 

The way things are, businesses spend millions, sometimes billions, to build technology in-house. This is where we come in.

Our disruptive and award-winning wealth management platform, Exo Investing, was more than just an application of technology. It was our blueprint to enhancing wealth management with technology for more people, in the future. 

The investment world has its obstacles, they are well-known and notoriously complex to manoeuvre; 

  • Fees are falling
  • Digital experiences are a must
  • Regulation is getting more rigid
  • Customer expectations are changing quickly

These are modern challenges that need modern solutions - at Nucoro we are building them.

We operate around three simple values:

Empowerment – We want to give our clients the means and power to accelerate their business into the future and give their customers financial freedom.

Knowledge – We are driven by a thirst for knowledge. The more we know, the more expert we become. That’s what keeps us disruptive and innovative.

Integrity – We work with our clients in a transparent way. We are open, honest and collaborative.

Nucoro is the new core of Wealthtech. 

Find out more at nucoro.com, we’d love to hear from you.

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About Author

Lennart Asshoff
Lennart Asshoff

Lennart is the CEO at Nucoro.


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