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My Time At Nucoro: Lara


Lara is currently completing her MBA at the London Business School before heading back to Brazil to continue work with retail bank Itau Unibanco.

Read about her time as an Operations Intern at Nucoro; what the challenges were and what she is up to next.

Can you give me a little background background about your internship with Nucoro, what your position and responsibilities were and who you worked with. 

I arrived here 6 weeks ago. My position in the internship was with Kelly, the Operations Manager, and I was in a supporting role responsible for the operational structure of Nucoro.


What do you think was your most valuable experience during the internship?

I think the most valuable experience for me was the whole environment of working in a Fintech. I came from 5 years of working in a retail bank with 100,000 employees and suddenly I'm in an office with 10 people running a business and having to create demand, define products, label a brand and basically help build something from scratch.

It was exactly the opposite of what I have been doing.


What was the part of your internship that you found most challenging and that took you out of your comfort zone?

I think my biggest challenges were understanding the regulatory and financial structures and processes that I haven’t really dealt with in my background as I had been more focused on marketing operations. Also, some of the more analytical work surrounding wealth management that I hadn’t really dealt with in my previous job. Mixing between UK with EU regulation proved tricky at times, especially as this isn’t my country or area of business. 

Those three things were probably the hardest things I dealt with during the internship but they were also really valuable and were the things that added to the whole experience.


What will you miss the most about the Nucoro office?

The people, for sure. 

I am really attached to people and I think this is really what made my experience. Everybody that I’ve met here has been amazing and it’s funny to talk to my friends from the MBA who are doing different internships with huge tech companies that they considered to be their dream jobs and now aren’t enjoying it. The people at Nucoro have really made it a great experience and that’s what gets you up on the Monday morning, when you know that today is going to be a fun day.


What are you going onto next? What do the next few months or years look like for you?

Short term I'm going to New York to do a term of my MBA and then I still have some time to go in London after that. 

So in a year, I’ll be graduating from the MBA and after that I have the opportunity of being a sponsor employee and going back to my retail bank to work for them for two years. 

I think that my time at Nucoro has made me really think about my long term answer though. About whether I want to stay at a big retail bank or big tech company or if I want to go into a smaller business where I get more responsibilities and far more exposure.

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